Are you wondering if your furnace will last the remainder of the winter to have it replaced next fall? If you are experiencing any of the signs below you should contact Cozy Comfort today and they can service your heater and give you a full diagnostic report to discover if your furnace is repairable or if you're due for a new heater in Thornton, Colorado.

Signs your furnace needs repair or replacement:

  1. Furnace Isn't Heating: Your thermostat is set and programmed properly, yet you still are not getting any heat in your home. This is a key sign that your furnace may need repair or replacement. Call Cozy Comfort to find out if your furnace needs repair. Also, make sure to check your pilot light and circuit breaker to make sure that the reason you don't have heat isn't just a simple issue like a blown pilot light.
  2. Xcel Bills or IREA bills are through the roof:  A broken heater can start with gradual increases in your heating bill, but when you start seeing your energy bills getting closer to double than their usual amount, you may be facing a serious problem with your furnace. Contact your local furnace repairman and find out what is happening with your heater. Some common problems could include, lack of maintenance or that the furnace is not going to make it through the winter.
  3. Not Enough Heat:  There may be many reasons why your furnace is not producing enough heat in your home. A few major reasons why could include a dirty filter. Filters should be changed every 30 days to increase airflow and also they can reduce the number of allergens in your home.  You could also have leaky ducts that need repair, as some heat may be escaping the leaks in your ducts. You could also have imbalanced airflow, in which you should contact Cozy Comfort to repair your furnace.
The last thing you want is to be left without any heat in the snow months ahead. Call Cozy Comfort today to repair or replace your furnace today!