Your AC needs a tune-up every spring. There are many reasons if you live in Thornton, CO why you will need an AC tune-up every spring. We are currently starting to heat up in Thornton, and making sure your AC is ready to kick on is key to a cool and comfortable summer.
Why Your AC Needs a Tune-Up Every Spring
Preventative maintenance could be the one thing that ensures you and your family will avoid a breakdown during the hottest months – something that would be not only inconvenient, expensive, and frustrating, but also potentially dangerous. A tune-up’s whole purpose is to get your home at peak efficiency and to calibrate your home’s air conditioning system. You’ll never have to feel like you’re looking over your shoulder waiting for something to go wrong with your home’s air conditioning system when you schedule an appointment for maintenance. Know that you’ll stay cool all summer long with the help of our team.
What is an AC Tune-Up?
A tune-up for your AC system is just like a tune-up for your car; it’s designed to keep your AC running at peak efficiency. During a tune-up, your AC technician examines the unit from top to bottom and takes care of several minor things, such as:
  1. Check condenser coil and clean
  2. Inspect automatic blower control
  3. Check operating pressures for refrigerant
  4. Check thermostat calibration
  5. Check safety control where applicable
  6. Check all electrical connections
  7. Check voltage and amperage on motor
  8. Check condensate drain
  9. Clean or replace air filter (as needed)
  10. Lubricate all moving parts as needed
  11. Check for correct airflow
  12. Check starting capabilities

Do You Need a Technician?

The best choice for a tune-up for your air conditioner is Cozy Comfort! Our technicians will tune-up your AC! With our services, you can make sure your family makes it smoothly through another hot summer season – without any trouble from a broken-down or energy-guzzling air conditioner! Schedule an appointment today by calling our office at (303) 357-9807 or click here to fill out an online form.