We get many questions about when is the right time to start my AC? At Cozy Comfort, starting up your AC is truly an individual or family's decision. You may feel like April and May are too soon, or June is too late. So what is the sweet spot? Starting up your AC in the springtime is the best preventative move to ensure that your air conditioner is working well and won't suffer a breakdown on a hot July day. With many of us working from home, you may be using your AC more this year than ever before.

How to start up your AC?

Follow these steps to ensure you get your AC kicked up and ready for summer.
  • Replace your filters: Filters are a cost-effective way to prepare your AC for the summer months. Ideally, you should replace your filters every 2–3 months, you may want to do this more often if you have pets or you find your filter gets dirty fast. Replacing your filter will ensure that the airflow from your AC system is not restricted.
  • Clear the area around your outdoor unit: You don’t want to start dismantling your AC unit, however, you can clear the area around the unit to help with airflow and efficiency. Clear any leaves and debris from the surrounding area.
  • Check the insulation: On the back of your unit, there will be coolant lines that connect to your home. These lines should have insulation on them. If there is insulation missing or it is cracked, peeling, or frayed, give your local heating and cooling contractors a call.
  • Turn your unit on: Turn your unit on early in the season to make sure it is running correctly before you need it most. You don’t have to cool off your house to do this. Just switch on your AC using the thermostat, check that cold air is coming from the vents, then turn the air off again. If it is still cold in your area, don’t forget to switch the heat back on.
  • Check the registers: Make sure nothing is blocking the registers in your home. You may also want to lift the register grates up and make sure nothing has fallen into the vents. Often children’s toys, or dog toys, or small pieces of materials can end up down the vent and it is important to remove these.
  • Schedule a tune-up: Once a year, have a professional come out to your home to do a full check on your system. By having your system maintained you can make sure that it is running safely and efficiently. Regular tune-ups will also help extend the life of your air conditioning system.

Get your AC tuned-Up

An air conditioning tune-up this spring will help make sure your AC is ready to go for the summer. Call Cozy Comfort today to schedule your AC tune-up! (303) 357-9807 Combining years of experience with a dedication to client satisfaction, Cozy Comfort Heating & Cooling has established itself as the local leader in Air Conditioning.