In Thornton, Colorado spring is the best time to tune up your air conditioner.  A little maintenance at the beginning of the air conditioning seasons can prevent small problems from becoming expensive problems later on.  Our technicians can catch small issues and can ensure your a/c is running at optimal efficiency. 

Why Should You Have Your AC Tuned Up

All equipment, even the most reliable, needs routine maintenance. Complicated equipment like today’s air conditioners benefits in many ways from annual service. They recover much of their lost efficiency, they are less likely to suffer a major break down, they have a longer life span, they increase your comfort, and they operate for less money. 

Even if you have recently replaced your HVAC equipment, you will need to maintain your system in order to keep your extended warranty in effect.

Energy Star recommends annual maintenance on your HVAC equipment.

Catch the little issues before they become major problems. Getting your air conditioning tune-up each year helps you discover small issues before they turn into major (expensive) problems. Just because your air conditioning system is running well today doesn’t necessarily mean it’s ready to keep you cool and comfortable all summer. Don’t wait until your A/C system goes out on the highest temperature day of the year – call Cozy Comfort Today Keep your warranty valid. Routine maintenance is actually required by most manufacturers, so forgoing your air conditioning maintenance can void your warranty. That means when you do require any type of air conditioning repair, you will have to pay for those new parts out of pocket. Make sure you get all you can out of your warranty by keeping it valid as long as possible with annual air conditioning tune-ups. Call Cozy Comfort Today for a home heat evaluation, or for any of your repair needs. (303) 357-9807