Do you sometimes hear banging or screeching from your furnace? Do the sounds you are hearing from your furnace sometimes sound so bad you think that your furnace may be housing a small monster? You quite possibly could have a furnace problem on your hands. Read more from Cozy Comfort in Thornton, Colorado, and always think of us for all your HVAC needs.  

Tips For Discovering What The Sounds Coming From The Furnace Are

  1. Rattling: The reason why you may hear some rattling in your furnace is due to some loose bolts. You can tighten them down or add some extras to make sure everything is tightened down.
  2. Banging: If you hear a banging sounds when your furnace kicks on, there could be a couple of issues at hand. 1st there could be an issue with your ductwork, sometimes the pressure could make a banging sounds in your ducts. there also could be a slight mini-explosion in the furnace when the pilot kicks on, call a professional immediately.
  3. Whistling: Whistling from the furnace may sound like a scary noise from the deep. But do not worry. This issue could also be something with your ductwork. There could be a gap in the duct. Cozy Comfort in Thornton, CO suggests trying to find a hole and patch it. If that doesn't solve the issue call us today!
  4. Motor Noise: If you believe the noise is coming from the furnace’s motor, this may be due to “bouncing.” You may be able to alleviate this bouncing by placing a sturdy piece of Styrofoam under the squirrel cage. However, if the bearings are worn out, you may need to call in an HVAC specialist.
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