Do you think your heater is on the fritz in Thornton, CO? It's not just a gut feeling...there are a few things that could be wrong with your heater. Do you hear weird noises from the basement or cold air in the bedroom or a super hot bathroom? These are all signs that there is something going on with your heater.

What Could Be Wrong With Your Heater?

Noisy Heater: Is there some loud noises coming from your basement? Sometimes those noises could sound like a poltergeist coming from your furnace. Don't fret...those noises are definitely not a poltergeist, but just your furnace having a few problems that couldn't be solved by certified HVAC technicians. Energy Bills Skyrocketing:  Have you noticed your energy bill steadily rising? An increase in the cost of your energy bill is a sure sign that your furnace may need a little work. Clogged filters are sometimes a quick fix to skyrocketing energy bills. Filters help air flow ad trap debris that you do not want your family breathing in.  Sometimes an increase in your energy bills can mean that you are in need of a new furnace. Contact a local HVAC technician if you see your energy bills rising. Improper Heating: Inadeaqute heating or heating all over the map are signs that there is something wrong with your heater.  An older heater may also be the reason why you're experiencing improper heating throughout your home. You could also have leaky ducts. These are all signs that you need to contact a professional. Static Electricity: Are you experiencing a shock every time you kiss your loved one, or touch your pet or grab the door handle? Static is no stranger to Colorado. The best fix for static in your home in Colorado is to get a whole-home humidifier. A whole-home humidifier is good for your wood floors and furniture but also good for your health!