You rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home cool and comfortable, but in order for that to happen, your AC system requires regular maintenance to function efficiently. Follow our guide to AC maintenance to ensure your AC kicks on next summer and for many more summers to go in Thornton, Colorado.

AC Maintenance Tips

Just like any other home appliance, it's normal for your air conditioning unit to experience some wear and tear from regular use and develop mechanical problems at some point during its lifetime. Keeping your system up and running smoothly requires proper attention to its maintenance and service needs. System maintenance can also save you money and headaches from unexpected breakdowns that can leave you sweaty and fuming! If you are looking to keep your home comfortable (and who isn't?), then keeping your A/C running is a must. Let's take a look at what you can do, and when you need to call in the pros when it comes to air conditioner maintenance...
  1. Power off the unit. The safest and most responsible way to perform AC maintenance on your unit is to power it off before you begin. By cutting off the power supply, you can ensure a deep clean and limit the risk of injury.
  2. Clear debris. The less that could potentially enter and clog the unit the better. Removing the cap and taking a shop vac to the inside of the condenser is a great way to clear all the leaves, tree branches, gravel, and gunk that may be building up in your unit.
  3. Clean the fins. The fins are the small metal prongs that protect the condenser coilMany homeowners experience clogged fins on their air conditioners. You can use a hose (on a low setting) to remove any unwanted buildup on the outside of your fins. If possible, it’s best to remove the lid of the condenser and spray from the inside out.
  4. Fix the fins. These delicate metal pieces are prone to being bent. To ensure they are working properly, you can use a butter knife and (carefully) straighten the fins on the condenser unit. You could also buy a fin comb, which is a small tool that will drag and straighten many fins at one time.
  5. Check insulation on coolant pipes. The line that transfers the refrigerant through your air conditioning system should be covered by a layer of thick insulation. Sometimes sun exposure can destroy these protective linings. Check on this insulation regularly, as it keeps the refrigerant cold and protects anything from happening to the pipe.
If you encounter any problems with your air conditioner while completing the end-of-summer checklist, or if your cooling system needs to be serviced, contact Cozy Comforts licensed HVAC technicians 303-357-9807