Is your home heating the way it should? Have you been considering a new furnace this winter in Thornton, Colorado? Making a decision to purchase a new heater is a pretty big one, Cozy Comfort has a few reasons why you should purchase a new furnace this year. After you've done a little research the first thing to do is call a local licensed HVAC contractor like Cozy Comfort!

Why should you purchase a new furnace?

According to Consumer Report, there are many things to research when purchasing a new heater. Here are a few reasons why you may need a new furnace.
  1. Save money on your electric bill: According to the Department of Energy you could save up $2000 per year when you purchase an energy-efficient furnace. If your energy bills have recently gone up, that may be a sign that your heater is broken and in need of repair or that you need a new heater.
  2. Achieve More Consistent Heat All Winter: Sometimes when your heater is on its last leg your heat may be inconsistent. When you purchase a new furnace your heater will be consistent for years to come. A sure sign that your heater is nearing its lifecycle is if you notice that one room heats up and the other doesn't. Make sure to call your local HVAC contractor immediately when you start to see inconsistent heating issues arise in your home.
  3. Safety of Your Family: If your heater is constantly on the fritz, it could be a serious hazard for your home. Carbon monoxide could be silently filling your home due to a broken heater.
  4. Lower Your Repair Bills:  At some point having the heating company come out every month can start to get pretty expensive. Just like when you have an old car. At some point, you just have to breakdown and purchase a new furnace. Obviously, when you purchase a new heater it comes with a warranty and when professionally installed it should be in good working condition for many years to come.
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