A Furnace may be one of those household items that you really aren't sure if something is wrong with it until something really apparent happens...like no heat. Cozy Comfort in Thornton, Colorado has a few signs that you may have a broken heater.

Signs You May Have a Broken Heater

  1. Air Temperature: Call a professional HVAC contractor if your heater is blowing cold air, then there is a definite issue with the pilot light or possibly an electrical issue. if your home is experiencing this problem. If your furnace is blowing lukewarm air there could be a leaky duct. If your furnace has no air blowing there could be a faulty pilot light, broken fan, dirty flame sensor, or a faulty thermostat. Call a professional immediately to have your furnace checked out. You could enhance the longevity of your furnace with annual tune-ups to check for these issues before a breakdown occurs.
  2. Age of Your Furnace: The age of your furnace will more than likely determine the health of your furnace. A furnace should last roughly 20 years if the heater is properly maintained. If your furnace is only 1 year old and you are experiencing any of the issues above with air temperature, then your warranty may cover those costs.
  3. Strange Sounds: If you are hearing banging or rattling, those types of sounds may be signs of dirty blowers or the blower wheel could be out of whack. Other sounds that you may hear are squealing or scraping metal. If you are hearing scraping metal your blower may need to be looked at. If you are experiencing a squealing sound, your blower motor bearing may be damaged and need replacing.
Schedule an annual furnace tune-up:  Your furnace needs annual maintenance just like your car. There are many reasons why you need annual heating maintenance, but the number one reason is to save you money in the long run. Call Cozy Comfort Today for a home heat evaluation, or for any of your repair needs. (303) 357-9807