Furnace care is especially necessary during early spring. You want to make sure that your furnace is up to par during the early spring, specifically in Colorado as our temperatures swing from day-to-day. One day it could be 70 degrees and the next day could be 20 with snowstorms. Follow Cozy Comforts tips on how to care for your furnace during the early spring.

Tips to Take Care of Your Furnace During the Spring

Check Your Thermostat:

Is your thermostat in working order? What do we mean by that? Do you have the thermostat programmed and is that programming working properly? You will know if your thermostat has issues if the AC or furnace doesn't kick on.  Other signs that your thermostat isn't working properly is that the furnace runs constantly and never shuts off or never kicks on. Call Coy Comfort to help fix your thermostat or replace it.

Keep Your Air Ducts Clean:

Dirty, clogged air ducts not only hurt the efficiency of your furnace, but they can also be tough on you and your family’s lungs, leading to health problems. This is especially true for people who have asthma or issues with allergies. Spring is a great time to inspect ducts for dust and debris that can choke up you and any HVAC system. And if you do find your home has ducts that need cleaning, it’s best to rely on experienced professionals to carry out the work. Both you and your furnace will breathe easier because of it!

Schedule a Tune-Up or Annual Maintenance:

Spring is the perfect time to schedule your annual maintenance. Get an early appointment and you'll not only save money but have priority scheduling. Trust Cozy Comfort located in Thornton, Colorado for all your heating, cooling and water heater needs. Contact us today at 303-357-9807