School and football are back in full swing in Thornton, Colorado, the nights are turning cool, and pumpkin-spice-flavored everything has reappeared. After the blistering heat of the summer months, our thoughts turn eagerly to fall. But just because the calendar says autumn is a week away doesn’t mean we can shut off the air conditioners just yet. While the nights are cool, the temperature can still climb high enough during the day to make air conditioning necessary. So how do you keep your home comfortable without straining your air conditioner – or your energy bill? Here are our tips for running your Thornton air conditioner this fall:

Fall AC Tips

Turn Up Your Thermostat

Most people keep their homes between 68-72 degrees during the summer. Raising your thermostat just 2 degrees can translate to savings on your energy bill. And by keeping your thermostat closer to the outside temperature – while still keeping your home comfortable – your system will not be working as hard. Many people think turning their system off entirely saves the most energy and is better for their system, but this actually makes your air conditioner work much harder when you turn it back on. And working harder for longer periods of time is a leading cause of early system failure.

Keep Your Outdoor Unit Clear

As the autumn winds start blowing, leaves, branches, and other debris can quickly pile up around your unit. These can restrict airflow and put a strain on your unit, causing a breakdown or early failure. As you rake your yard, be sure to take a moment to clean around your outdoor unit.

Put Your Ceiling Fans to Use

Sometimes you need to keep the air in your home moving more than you need air conditioning. By using ceiling fans to circulate cool air, it is easier to tolerate a warmer temperature on your thermostat. It also relieves some of the strain on your AC. If you encounter any problems with your air conditioner while completing the end-of-summer checklist, or if your cooling system needs to be serviced, contact Cozy Comforts licensed HVAC technicians 303-357-9807