Does your water only stay hot for a short period of time, or when it's cold outside does is not warm up quickly? You may need a new water heater in Thornton, CO if you come across an issue like no hot water.

4 Signs You Need a New Water Heater

We all could wish that a water heater would last forever, but they don't. Waking up to no hot water is absolutely no fun, and really gets your day off on the right foot. Here are 4 signs that your water heater may be ready for an update.
  1. Your Hot Water is Brown:  If you are seeing brown water only when you have the hot water on, your hot water heater may be corroding on the inside, rusting, causing discolored water when you turn on the hot water.
  2. The Water Heater is Over 10 Years Old:  Unfortunately water heaters are not one of those long-lasting appliances. According to the Department of Energy,  water heaters typically last around 10 years. If you are seeing any of the issues we have listed out in this article, then you should contact your local HVAC contractor or Cozy Comfort in Thornton, Colorado.
  3. Do You Have a Water Heater Leak?  If you have a water heater leak call a professional immediately. Your tank could burst at any moment. Before the HVAC Technician comes out to your home, make sure that you turn off your hot water and shut off the cold water valve feeding your tank. This will ensure that you do not cause a flood or any other issue in your home.
  4. Hearing Knocking Sounds From Your Water Heater: If your water heater is making knocking/popping noises, it’s likely due to sediment buildup that’s coating the bottom of your water heater.
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